Ethical Standards

As an organisation designed to meet and service the needs of our Clients, the Society abides by the principles contained in the Victorian Disability Service Standards.



Identification and Management of Business Risk

Procedures are in place to develop an annual performance plan to enable the Board tomeet its strategic goals.

Areas of significant operational and business risk are highlighted in the Performance Plan presented to the Board by the Chief Executive Officer each year. The Board reviews and approves the parameters under which such risks will be managed before adopting the Performance Plan.

Arrangements put in place to monitor the management of areas of significant risk include:

- Assessment of performance and review of priorities by management at regularmeetings throughout the year.

- Safety policy and regular OH & S performance monitoring linked to requirements under the ISO 9002:1994 Quality Systems.

- Regular monthly reporting to the Board in respect of operations and the financial position of the Society.



Role of Management

The Chief Executive Officer Debbie Mitchell, together with all staff, are charged with implementing the Board's decisions and the day to day running of the Society.


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