Centre-Based Programs

Carinya Society's excellent facilities enable the running of an extensive range of programs within the centre. Through Individual Planning and Support, Carinya Society is able to develop, support and assist people with a disability, to achieve their goals and dreams, encourage independence, and support their day to day needs.


Art & Craft & Jewellery Making

Jewellery making and Hobby Craft programs are run from the Art Room with the assistance of qualified staff in those fields. Clients make jewellery for themselves or as gifts. They engage in doing paper mache, decorations for different cultural & religious occassions like Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Buddha Festival etc. Making decorative cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas are favouriite amongst all. Staff working in this area work hard not only to facilitate the devolpment of artists, but also in the promotion of their work. Hobby Craft, Craft and Jewellery Making also run from the Art Room. All participants have the choice of takng work home or selling it.



Sensory Program

We have three sensory rooms, each one geared to provide people with a different sensory experience.  We have a blacked out room with UV lighting, a small space for enjoying sound, music and vibrations and a large open space filled with a variety of interactive equipment.


Sensory Garden

*Our sensory garden is a popular spot for lunch all year round.  It is filled with colour, sound, smells and even tastes.  Some of our raised garden beds are dedicated to the production of herbs and vegetables and we have many fruit trees within the garden also, all of which are used in our cooking program.  


Motor Club

Motor Club is a newly formed program, which developes a better knowledge of cars and how they work, with the aim to work as a team in restoring a car. The program helps to develop team spirit, which includes support for each other, dedication, and committment to the task.

It focuses on literacy and numeracy skills, in an informal fashion, while focusing on the individual passion for motors and creativity.

The Motor Club has secured a contract for 2012 where our participants will be detailing a fleet of vehicles for a local organisation.





 Music & SING ALONG and Karaoke 

Our music programs are run in the hall & in White House & they facilitate clients to have their choice of music. They sing along with staff while playing drums, tambourines, shakers etc.

Clients get a chance to sing a few songs over the mike & are thrilled at the recognition & praise they get from the audience.

They can request the songs they would like to be played.



 Disco Happening in the hall & White House draws the attention of the passers by turning their walk into a little dance. All of the participants dance their cares away, have a lot of fun, the program provides good physical exercise. Wheel chair dancing is strictly handled by Staff.

“Ladies Only” Pamper

This program allows female clients to have manicure, pedicure, hair care & make up done by staff who has expertise in beauty culture. They also have the luxury of having head, foot & hand massages.


Cooking & Healthy Eating

Our cooking programs promote independent living skills enabling participants to know about healthy dietary requirements & safe & easy cooking tips. They also enjoy a freshly cooked meal with their colleagues.


H.O. P.

Hanging Out Program is a modern concept of providing 1:1 support to each client for at least 20 minutes in the program. Activities are based on person centred goals. Staff try to achieve one or few goals of each client during the time they spend with the client. The program is base on intensive interaction theories and practice.


Our Computer Room is equipped with a  wall fitted mega touch screen  & 10 touch screen computers where clients skill levels are improved & maintained through games on words , numeracy & Puzzles.


Indoor & Outdoor Sports

Facilities for indoor basket ball, Ten Pin Bowling, Bocce, & Hockey are available for clients to improve their physical fitness & sporting abilities.

Outdoor sports such as Cricket & Footy are played with the season & weather in mind.


News Letter

A team effort, along with the dedication of all staff brings the news of Carinya to each clients hand, on monthly basis. This promotes interaction among clients & the acknowledgement of their achievements in printed form. Several clients have a regular column in which they take great pride in producing.


Centre ADL #

This program assists clients to be independent by engaging in Activities of Daily Living. It includes Cleaning, Ironing , Laundry ,Re –Filling of essential items all around the centre.



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