Centre Based Activities

Carinya Society’s excellent facilities enable an extensive range of programs within the centre. Through Individual Planning and Support, Carinya Society is able to develop, support and assist people with a disability, to achieve their goals and dreams, encourage independence, and support their day to day needs.

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What we offer
Art & Craft & Jewellery Making

We are lucky enough to have a great light filled art room. The individuals enjoy being able to express their creativity using any medium that they choose. Staff working in this area work hard not only to facilitate the development of artists, but also in the promotion of their work. Hobby Craft and Jewellery Making also run from the Art Room. All participants have the choice of taking work home. Several individuals have been able to display their art in exhibitions throughout the year often resulting in prizes and the sale of their work.

Sensory Program

We have three sensory rooms, each one geared to provide people with a different sensory experience.  We have a blacked out room with UV lighting, a small space for enjoying sound, music and vibrations and a large open space filled with a variety of interactive equipment.

Sensory Garden

Our sensory garden is a popular spot for lunch all year round.  It is filled with colour, sound, smells and even tastes.  Some of our raised garden beds are dedicated to the production of herbs and vegetables and we have many fruit trees within the garden also, all of which are used in our cooking program.   The Sensory Garden is a great place to relax and regroup also.

Music & Karaoke

Our music programs facilitate choice of music. Participants sing along with staff while playing drums, tambourines, shakers etc. They get a chance to sing a few songs over the mic and are thrilled at the recognition and praise they get from the audience. Requests are always encouraged.


Disco every Friday always draws the attention of the passersby, turning their walk into a little dance. All of the participants dance their cares away and have a lot of fun. The program provides good physical exercise, without anyone realizing it.

Accordion Panel

This program allows female clients to have manicure, pedicure, hair care & make up done by staff who have expertise in beauty culture. They also have the luxury of having head, foot & hand massages.

Cooking and Healthy Eating

Our cooking programs promote independent living skills enabling participants to learn about healthy eating as well as safe and easy cooking tips. Participants can then enjoy a freshly cooked meal with their peers.


A team effort, along with the dedication of all staff brings the news of Carinya to each participant’s hand. This promotes interaction among peers and the acknowledgement of their achievements in printed form. Several clients have a regular column in which they take great pride in producing.


Our Computer Room is equipped with a wall fitted mega touch screen and touch screen computers where clients skill levels are improved & maintained through games on words, numeracy & puzzles. Participant’s also enjoying using iPad’s and doing research for programs such as cooking.

Further information can be provided about the following programs:

  • Men’s Health and cooking
  • Keys to Success
  • Gardening
  • Enjoy cooking, including food preparation, budgeting and the planning of meals
  • Performing arts
  • Sensory sensations & physical activity
  • Sensory massage and music
Painting and crafts
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