Highlights of Carinya Service Survey

Our commitment to listening and learning about what’s important to our participants/residents and families was demonstrated by the outcome of the annual client appreciation survey.

This was the third successive year Carinya took the bold step of asking families for feedback utilising our consultants Saguity. We received a 94% satisfaction rate with our service which we are delighted with.

The feedback and professional development for our employees has further embedded everyone’s understanding of what it takes to ensure a 10 out of 10 experience for our participants and residents.

“My daughter is in there and I have to recommend them because she is just having the absolute time of her life.”

“A lot of people dismiss him because of his disability, but the people at Carinya have taken the time to stop and actually learn what he likes and who he is. They’re very patient and kind towards him.”

“They are doing a wonderful job for us. I have a daughter that goes there and she is a very girly girl so she is so happy when they put on the pamper days for her. She adores the people that work at Carinya, and the opportunities that she has to do things from the beauty stuff right through to going fishing with the guys too.”

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