Approaching the Transition from School to an Adult Day Service

For many young adults with disabilities, their families and carers, the transition from school life to an adult day service routine is a daunting one. While reaching the end of high school days represents a proud achievement and the end of an important journey, it is also the end of a previously-clear line of support and care. As an adult responsible for their own timetable, this next step can be a difficult decision for families and individuals to make, and is not a decision that should be made lightly.Looking out for school leavers with disabilitiesCarinya Society was founded in response to a need for care and support for those with a disability in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Our day service programs have been providing companionship, education, direction, respite, and unique opportunities to individuals with disabilities since our inception in 1952. Currently operating over 70 programs a week, based both in the community and at our centre in Coburg for over 110 regular participants, Carinya Society utilises a strong base of support and connections to organisations across Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs in order to provide exciting day-to-day experiences for our participants.At Carinya, we cater for an intergenerational group of participants.  Part of our role is to provide support and information each year for school leavers to assist them and their families to feel comfortable and informed to make that next step after completing their high school years. With regular access to the community, day programs designed to boost confidence and skills in independent living situations, and a well-organised environment reminiscent of the school system, there is plenty to recommend.  Carinya Society supports many individuals during their first step out of school and into adulthood.Considerations when selecting a service for the first timeCarinya Society have many suggestions to offer school leavers with a disability as they embark on this time of change.  These suggestions are general, and suggestions only. We do not recommend that you rely on this information alone when making a decision.  Independent advice should be undertaken before making a decision.– A priority for school leavers should be to contact Centrelink and establish eligibility for the Disability Support Pension.– If you are not funded under the NDIS, you should also apply for the Mobility Allowance. This requires a letter from the day centre; we understand this process well and can provide the letter upon request.– Our Day Service (and any others you access) charges a small ongoing fee to cover transport and other costs which are not covered by Government funding. Be aware of these fees before you select your service– Carinya does not provide Speech Therapy, OT or Physiotherapy services as a matter of course; however, we frequently open our doors to therapists retained by participants or their families so that they can conduct therapy sessions on-site.If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Service Manager – Individualised Services, Skye Hardman on 03 9354 3337 or email 

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