Community-Based Programs

 Community based activities


Child Care Gardening Project.

Our participants have been involved in attending a child care faciilty to plant and propagate a vegetable garden with the help of the children at the centre. This has been a great success for both the participants and the children.



Our participants are having a wonderful time in our 'Photography Program' . Photos are taken of favourite places and objects, framed and displayed at Carinya. These photographs have been such a succes that many that were displayed at our Public Meeting in October, were purchased by family and friends. Money going to the photographer.

Travel Training

We have three programs where individuals learn to travel by public transport, on the train, the smart bus, and trams, to various markets and shopping centres and to the city. This program also teaches individuals how to use Myki Cards.The trips to Federation Square, Victorian Market, and Golf at Albert Park are very popular.



RMIT sports

 Individuals from Carinya participate in the sports program at RMIT University in Bundoora on a weekly basis. The program provides individuals with 1:1 interaction and support from students to maximise the all round benefits of sports and exercise. The RMIT sports program also provides an opportunity for students to plan, implement and coach sporting activities with individuals.


50’s club

 The over 50’s club is conducted at the Campbellfield Community Centre on a weekly basis.  The over 50’s club is for individuals over the age of 50 who like to participate in mature age activities.  The types of programs activities that individuals participate in are sports, pampering, movies and crafts.  It is also a great way to meet other individuals that attend the program. 


 Lost dogs home

 This program is conducted at the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne on a fortnightly basis.  Individuals that participate in this program volunteer their time to walk and spend time with the dogs that are currently living there. 


The RSL program is conducted at the Coburg RSL on a weekly basis.  This program is designed for individuals who are of mature age.  The individuals that attend the RSL have the opportunity to participate in activities such as bingo, Thai Chi, carpet bowls, live entertainment, dancing and trivia.  The RSL also provides lunch for individuals that attend the program.   


The Catering program is conducted at the Harry Atkinson Centre in Coburg on a weekly basis.  The Catering team is responsible for cooking lunch for the members of the Rotary club of Coburg.  This program enables individuals to develop or expand on their current food handling skills.  The catering program also assists individuals to expand on current daily living skills as they have to serve the meals as well as clean up afterwards.   The individuals that participate in this program are paid for their hard work. 


 South Morang Friendship Connection Lunch

 The South Morang connection lunch program is conducted at the Plenty Valley Church on a weekly basis.  In this program individuals participate in a community kitchen where they are able to have lunch and socialise with members of the wider community.  Individuals that participate in this program also develop and expand upon current daily living skills as they assist in cleaning up after lunch. 



The swimming program is conducted at the Coburg Leisure Centre on a weekly basis.

Individuals participating in the program learn the importance of water safety while having fun.  Individuals are also encouraged to work on their swimming styles while in the pool. 

Ten Pin Bowling

A favourite, and regular outing to different bowling centres each week.


Personal Shopping

The personal shopping program is conducted at various shopping centres around Melbourne and the program is conducted on a weekly basis.  In this program individuals work on expanding their current money skills while having fun shopping.  Individuals are encouraged to bring a small shopping list and money from home so that they are able to fully participate in the program. 






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