Board & Committees

Composition of the Carinya Board

The Carinya Society Board is governed by it's constitution.

The constitution outlines a composition of nine Directors including a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, and Treasurer.

The Board of Directors are responsible for the overall Governance of Carinya Society, including determining the Strategic Directions of the organisation and monitoring the Financial, Risk and Accreditation requirements of the organisation.

To assist in the execution of its responsibility, the board establishers sub-committees on a annual basis.

The current sub-committees are;

Governance Committee, which comprises The Chair, Deputy Chair, and Treasurer.

Finance, Investment and Risk Management Committee.

Quality Services and Improvement Committee.

Project Control Group.

In addition a bi-monthly Parent and Carer Forum is convened to assist parents/carers with sourcing additional information about services and supports available to them.



Election of Board Directors

Each director is elected to the Board on a voluntary basis by an annual election process.

After each annual election the Board then elects the Chairperson, Deputy Chair and Treasurer. It then determines the composition of each Sub Committee.




Finance, Investment and Risk Management Committee

The Finance, Investment and Risk Management Committee has three specific areas of responsibility:

1. Finance - To advise the financial policy, planning, reporting and operations of the Society. It recommends the yearly budgets, reviews and recommends to the Board the annual financial statements.

2. Investment - The committee oversees investment policies and controls.

3. Audit - To advise the Board of the adequacy of financial control and risk management policies and procedures and to monitor and report on their operation. It provides a direct link between the Board and the external auditors.




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