Additional Services

Carinya Society also offer a range of additional services on top of the normal programs available.


The Society operates a five bed residence called 'Nelson House' close by in nearby Nelson Street,and also offers respite care for clients attending the Centre.


Exploring Communities
Carinya Society is running a pilot program in conjunction with the Metro Access program at the City of Moreland to support people to make connections is their local community.   A limited number of people are currenlty participating in the trial but as we've been able to increase this as we've been the recipient of a number of grants.

Changing Days
Carinya Society has received a Changing Days grant from the Department of Human Services to support people to literally change their lives.  We're looking at sustainable ways to make differences in people's lives - from assisting them to find employment, looking at the hours during which we support them (ie outside of the tradional day program hours of 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday), linking people into activities in their local communities and anything else that people participating in the program can think of.

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