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The Carinya Society is an integral component of the Primary Health and Community Support Services in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. It provides adult training and support services to advance the independence, dignity, worth and human rights of people with disabilities.  

It is a place where outstanding service is not so much a philosophy, but a way of life. It is a place that respects human dignity, celebrates diversity and holds passionately the belief that individual worth is an intrinsic right of every person.

We believe that everyone has an equal right to a happy and meaningful life. To this end we run a professional service with well trained and enthusiastic staff. We believe in working with our clients, their families and carers and other organisations to get the best results for everyone.


Carinya Society has a strong committment to providing an environment which is safe and free from discrimination, harrassment, bullying and conflict.  Carinya Society has a duty of care to resolve any grievance or issue you may have as promptly as possible.  If you would like to provide feedback, or make a complaint, you can do this by contacting Carinya on

03 9354 3337, or by dowloading the Complaint Form via the link provided below. If you would like a copy of our Complaints Procedure, please contact our office.

Carinya Complaints Form


We are committed to protecting your privacy.  All information will be treated in confidence and will be used for Carinya purposes only. To obtai a detailed copy of Carinya Society's Privacy Policy, please contact our office on the number provided.  To obtain a copy of our Privacy Statement, please click on the link below.

Privacy Statement

Translating/Interpreting Services

Carinya Society acknowledges that for some, English may be their second language.  Carinya is happy to arrange translating/interpreting services for all contact between the individual and the organisation in regards to the services which they receive at no charge to the individual.  Should you wish for this to be arranged, please let us know by either contacting our office, or speaking to your Key Worker.

Advocacy Services

Carinya Society acknowledges that at times, making day to day decisions without the assistance of an advocate can be difficult and the process of engaging an advocate can also be daunting.  Carinya maintains a database of Advocacy services as well as other services which may make day to day living easier.  You can access this database by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, if you would like assistance in regards to engaging an advocate, or, any other service, you can contact us on the number provided or alternatively, speak to your Key Worker.

Advocacy and Support Services

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