In order to be in a position to provide services of an exceptional quality, Carinya Society charges certain fees for services provided.

Carinya Society will provide you with information regarding any additional fees or charges required in regards to a particular service provision prior to your commencement of this service. Additional charges however may be charged when a specific individuals choices are above and beyond those of normal service delivery.

The fee structures outlined below are in addition to any funding allocated to a person with a disability by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) as Individual Support Packages (ISPs) or National Disability Insurance Scheme Package (NDIS) or any other allocated funding by a Government Authority which provides for direct staffing support.

The below indicates Carinya Society’s fees and charges. Please note, fee structures are updated regularly, and these listed here should be used as a guide only. For the most up to date fees and charges summary, please contact Joanne Francis on the number below.

Carinya Society’s fee structure comprises of:

Program and Recreation and Leisure Fees

  • These fees contribute towards the cost of activities, programs and operational expenses (other than staff wages). Examples of these costs include materials, equipment, specialised facilitators and entrance fees to venues, community access, insurances, compliance, amenities, maintenance, and assisting in reducing the deficit between Government funding and the actual cost of operating the service.

Transport Fees

  • Participants who utilise the centre-managed transport to travel to and from Carinya Society will pay an amount equal to the Mobility Allowance each fortnight. Pro rata charges will apply for part time attendance.

For further information in relation to fees and charges, please contact our Administration Manager Joanne Francis on (03) 9354 3337.

Working with tools
Having fun on the swing
Carinya Society – Weekly Fees as at 01/07/2017

Adults 21 years and over

No. Days AttendingProgram FeesTransport FeesRec. & Leisure FeesTotal

Adults aged 18-21 receive a 25% discount

No. Days AttendingProgram FeesTransport FeesRec. & Leisure FeesTotal

*Fee structure to be used as a guide only

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