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Sensory Garden Upgrade

Carinya Society Sensory Garden upgrade

The current Sensory Garden is in need of an upgrade and we can’t do it without your generosity. Instructor Bridget says: “The garden group work so hard to keep the vegetables and flowers flourishing. We desperately need some more colour and life in the garden beds, so that not only can the cooking group come to the garden and pick the best seasonal vegetables and herbs to use in their meals but so that everyone has a great space to enjoy.”

“In the presence of nature you feel grounded and peaceful, says instructor Tina. I have seen it many times. When the participants are in the sensory garden they relax. It would be so amazing to have some wind chimes hanging in the trees or a new swinging chair to relax in. A place we can all go for time out whenever we need it during the day.”

Carinya participants range in their independence, mobility and care needs, and therefore it is often not possible for them to visit local parks or gardens alone. Upgrading our own Sensory Garden means we can create a space to meet the needs of our participants. It can be accessible during short breaks of the day and it is a space they use easily without having to leave the grounds with an instructor.

Your gift of $20 could purchase seeds and soil to ensure the gardening group have plenty of flowers, herbs, and vegetables to tend.

$35 helps to purchase wind chimes, flags and other interactive sensory equipment, to enhance the senses of our participants.

$50 contributes to an outdoor sound system for all to enjoy the sounds of birds, animals and running water.

A special gift of $1000 could restore the tree seat, or a gift of $500 could purchase a stable swing seat so many individuals would love.

The upgrade to the Sensory Garden cannot move forward without your support. Even a small donation makes an enormous difference and you can be proud to contribute to the happiness and empowerment of the community.

Will you listen with your heart?

Your donation is greatly appreciated.  Click to donate today.

Cooking group in the sensory garden
Sensory garden upgrade
Sensory Garden upgrade needed